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    How to combine AND center absolute positioned divs in a fluid stage layout


      I've been at it so long it doesn't matter what I type into google regarding this I HAVE CLICKED EVERY LINK available to me and still no success. I want a stage set to 100% (fluid) and when I place a div/image on the stage I don't want it to size or not resemble what I see in edge to not be what I see in my browser...16 years teaching myself the adobe suite and this problem WILL have me punch through an elephant (video soon to come). On top of wanting to center a div...pretty much I want a site that is scaleable in multiple browsers and still has some static absolute poistioned items, like my entire body.


      Pretty much when an item is centered on the stage in animate I DEMAND it to always and forever be centered in my browser, any browser, any size. Is that to much to ask? I can include anything and everything from my project if need be: files, code, the elephant I am soon to punch through out of anger.


      Any and all help is appreciated.


      Also, how to scale a symbol to the stage and have it not move around "relatively" to the stage. I am beginning to hate that term...alot.