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    Issue with Sinhala and Tamil text in InDesign


      I have some text sent to me from Sri Lanka in Microsoft word - Tamil (Arial Unicode MS) and Sinhala (Iskoola Pota). In the Microsoft Word document they appear correctly.

      I need to transfer this text into Adobe InDesign. When I do a direct cut and paste, the characters for both languages appear distorted with some characters jumping ahead of other (refer to image at bottom).


      What I have already tried to do

      • I have tried to cut and paste it into Notepad and then insert it into ID but the same thing happens. I also ensured that I had selected the appropriate fonts as outlined above in ID.
      • I also have unicodes installed into my computer and have the appropriate fonts installed -  http://www.locallanguages.lk/
      • I have made a PDF from Word and then placed that into ID but I am working on a very large public display with hundreds of words in three language (Sinhala, tamil and English) which vary in sizes so I need to be able to adjust the size etc.  My absolute last resort would be to do that for each and every section of the display, but that will be extremely time consuming.


      My question is

      Is there a way to transfer Sinhala and Tamil text from Microsoft Word into InDesign and for the characters to remain as they are in Word?


      Screen dump of issue below

      issue text.png

      Thanks in advance for your help!