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    Trying to find out which line of AS2 code is causing flash player crash in firefox & chrome browser




      I have a flash movie (AS2) created for the website visitors' registration and this flash movie is longer in size than the browser's window height so that site visitors need to browse down using browser's vertical scroll bar to see all of the contents in the flash movie.


      When users click the submit button in the flash movie then


      Firstly, the AS2 code attached to the      on(release){    event scrolls the html page back to the top (because the user must have scrolled down to view the flash movie content at the bottom of the page and I want the html page to go back to the top of the page)


      getURL("javascript:window.scroll(0,0)");    // this is the AS2 code I have used for scrolling the page back to the top. I suspect this code is causing the flash player crash in firefox and google chrome


      and also tells the _root of the flash movie to go to and stop at a frame named "StartEnteringData".


      _root.gotoAndStop("StartEnteringData")     //making the _root of the movie to go to the "StartEnteringData" frame

      this.gotoAndStop("Start")                                  //making this movieclip which contains the registation form to go to the first blank frame labelled "Start"




      The "StartEnteringData" frame on the _root of the flash movie has AS2 code for entering the registration data to the database by using loadVariablesNum( ... )


      Here's my question.


      Almost everytime the user/visitor click the Submit button, the firefox browser users and google chrome browswer users see the Flash Player CRASH...

      This doesn't happen often with the website visitors using MS Internet Explorer.


      I have read some www articles (by searching google) saying that Adobe Flash Player in Firefox and Chrome browsers crash a lot.


      But, for my flash movie, everytime the visitor clicks the submit button, flash player crashes. Therefore, I guess it is the AS2 code that I'm using (associated with the on(release) event of the submit button) is causing the flash player crash rather then the flash player compatibility with Firefox and Chrome browsers.


      So, someone please tell me what's causing the flash player crash.

      Is there a better code to make a web page to go back to the top?






      I am also using the codes shown below on the first keyframe of the main movie. (_root)


      //For custom flash right click menu:

      var myMenu_cm:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.zoom = true;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.quality = false;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.print = false;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.save = false;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.loop = false;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.rewind = false;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.play = false;

      myMenu_cm.builtInItems.forward_back = false;

      _root.menu = myMenu_cm;



      //For tiling the flash movie background with bitmap picture

      import flash.display.BitmapData;

      var tile:BitmapData = BitmapData.loadBitmap("pattern");


      this.lineTo(Stage.width, 0);

      this.lineTo(Stage.width, Stage.height);

      this.lineTo(0, Stage.height);

      this.lineTo(0, 0);