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    Safe Title  randomness..what is going on here?

    shooternz Level 6

      CS7 / Win 7


      Here are my standard Safe Title Area Markings.  (30, 10)  per NZ Broadcast Spec.


      30 10 Safe setting.PNG


      30 10 Safe.PNG



      So note above...there are additional markings  apart from the ones I have pointed at with red arrows! What are they?


      Here they are if I make my setting "0, 0".  (0, 0 are the out side ones with the centre marks vert and horizontal).


      Note how the random ones become full height "meaningless nothing markers" !


      00 Safe.PNG


      I cant figure what they are..where they come from and I will call them a bug if others can reproduce the issue.


      I will screen grab and post how they are supposed to  work as they do in CS6 if requested.


      Not being able to lose them is my issue. Hopefully I have missed something?