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    Choppy playback in CC, suddenly


      Yes, yet another mysterious choppy, jerky playback out-of-the-blue issue.


      Premiere Pro CC 7.01, Mac, was working relatively fine for a few weeks on a couple projects. Now, on new project, exact same setup and media as before, I get playback that is fine, then after a few moments or a minute, gets choppy, as my CPU becomes increasingly pegged, as if GPU acceleration becomes disabled with time. Cannot edit when it is like that. I give it a rest for a few moments, can play ok for a minute, then CPU and choppiness creaps up again.



      Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1

      Mac OSx 10.8.2

      Nikon D800 and D7000 .mov files, 1920-x1080 23.976fps, High Quality

      Sequence: DSLR 1920x1080x23.976fps

      Project: Mercury OpenCL GPU (via AMD Radeon 6770m in Macbook Pro.) No change if switch to Software Only.

      Premier Pref/Memory: either Optimize for Performance or Memory, and restart. No effect.

      Playback Resolution: 1/2. Always worked before.

      No other software running. (Time Machine enabled, not backing up. Crashplan paused or service unloaded did not help.)

      When CPU pegs, it is kernal_task and Premiere at top of All Processes/%CPU table in Activity Monitor.

      Macbook Pro, late 2011, quad-core 2.5 GHz i7, 16GB memory. Apogee Duet2 audio output.

      Source files and cache files and preview files on Pegaus Raid on Thunderbolt. NEC monitor on Thunderbolt. Premiere on internal drive.

      No complex layers, effects. Just straight video and 2-4 tracks of audio. So little to no Previews rendered.  Timeline bar is yellow, which always played fine (via OpenCL.) Rendering Previews of a few minute section does not help.

      Happens whether doing multicam sequence or simple cuts.

      Cleaned media cache (Premiere/Prefs/Media/clean cache.) No Previews to clean out.

      Graphics Switching disabled, so always on Radeon.


      Only Changes since it was working -

      CC app update (i.e. the menu bar thing, but I usually Quit that anyway.)

      Indesign CC, Extension Manager update (but never launched.)

      More memory allocated to Crashplan (but if I pause or unload that service no effect. And memory does not seem to be an issue looking at Activity Monitor.)

      Checked Files on and rebuilt Thunderbolt raid directory (with DiskWarrior, just as general maintenance.)

      Apple Timecapsule firmware updated to 7.6.4.

      Maybe Java updated to v7 update 25 during that time.




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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Is the RAID doing a patrol read or consistency check during this time?



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            vrvince Level 1

            Nope. Promise Utility's "Media Patrol" and "Redundency Check" (if that is a consistency check) are not running.

            The issue doesn't have the feel of a throughput bottleneck. It's that CPU load that troubles me. Now I'm wondering if I actually upgraded to PP 7.01 from 7 after my last video project but before the recent photo-based project. Maybe didn't see a 7.01 issue with video till this current video project.

            8 "threads" (of 4 core cpu) start out low, under 30%, as I play footage, then creap up to 99+ over a minute or so. Choppines starts.


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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi vrvince,

              What happens if you run the Mercury Playback Engine in Software Only?




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                vrvince Level 1

                No change.

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                  CRide97 Level 1

                  I have a very similar problem.  Priemere Pro CC was working great, and then suddenly all of my projects won't play back right!  Every time I load a project, the footage plays and then stops after 1-2 seconds, or the video and audio slow down and the pitch drops, as if it's all in slomotion.  When i export the videos, they play back fine, but I can barely get through the editing to begin with.  I've tried rendering all of the footage and it makes no difference.  I've tried transcoding the files.  Also no change. The same thing happens when I play footage off of an external FW800 drive AND when I play it from my internal HDD. I can't get anything done like this and it's driving me crazy. Please help!


                  My machine stats:


                  Mac pro (tower) early 2008

                  upgraded graphics card: ATI Radeon 5770

                  16GB RAM

                  OS 10.8.2

                  Adobe Premiere Pro CC latest version (today is sep 27, 2003)

                  playback resolution: (I've tried them all, makes no difference)

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                    CRide97 Level 1

                    I just solved the problem that I've been having.  I traced the problem back to the audio device I've recently plugged in to my mac through the Digital Optical cable.  I can't say why Premiere was struggling to play nice with it, but as soon as I plugged the device in through a regular line out (quarter jack to RCA) my problems went away.  It's too bad I can't try and monitor true digtial 5.1 surround, but at least I'm back in action for editing.


                    I hope this helps.

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                      AzzieScott Level 1

                      Yes I have noticed the same issue on my system. I have experienced opening up a project and the timeline plays slow and audio pitch is slowed as well. I also get intermittently  choppy play back occasionally. I'm running the latest version Premiere Pro CC. This started happening recently and was not doing this before. I have a 2008 8 core MacPro with a 480 gig SSD drive, ATI Radeon 5770 card and 22 gigs of ram.

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                        Blabberlicious Level 1

                        I recently upgraded to Mavericks

                        No I have lost Cuda Support in Premiere CC, and Media Encoder


                        Playback in PP is choppy. But returns to some acceptable when I turn  Mercury Playback Engine to Software Only.


                        It also dramaticaly improves the playback of Speedgrade Lumetri graded clips - even with masks


                        But Media Encoder now takes a crazy amount longer to render using Open CL.





                        Is 'Software Only' not leverging the gpu?


                        any help appreciated

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                          vrvince Level 1

                          I haven't upgraded to Mavericks, but did to PP 7.2 yesterday, and Open CL accelaration during PP/Export or Media Encoder is now slower than Software Only. I have late 2011 Macbook Pro with AMD Radeon 6770M card. I think it might be a pattern, where a PP upgrade regresses OpenCL support, then it comes back in next update, then goes away...

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                            Cadillacula Level 1

                            Oh man I hoped not to ever join a message like this.


                            Completely out-of-the-blue choppy playback.


                            I had too many updates over the past few days (adobe, nvidia, windows, canon 5 d software, etc) to narrow anything down... but all was well last week or so... and then this week I started messing around with LUT's for the first time and now even when I play the source .MOV file from my 5D mkiii - with zero effects and full mpe yellow line - its slow and super choppy. Never saw this before on my machine.


                            I'll pile on with a hearty... HELP!

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                              slowlearner2013 Level 1

                              Same here. Choppy playback.


                              HP Pavilion  i7 Win 7

                              Premiere Pro CC

                              nvidia GEFORCE GT 650M

                              8gb RAM


                              Had absolutely no issues til today. I havent updated any driver for my cards etc. I did however recently update Windows... could that be the issue? maybe the onboard graphics card is taking over...

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                                Cadillacula Level 1

                                I tried rsystem restore (which failed of course), driver roll-backs and uninstalls on speedgrade and third-party plugins - no relief. I also went back and checked old perfect projects with iPhone footage and Sony HDR stuff, it's all choppy and skippy now as well.






                                nvidia GTX 680 (rolled back now to driver 327.23)

                                12gb RAM


                                Really hoping we get some intervention on this one, I was literally mid-project, and I strongly feel this is something that has recently changed or was introduced.

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                                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                  All: when you're reporting which version of PPro you're on, please specify the version number shown in the About box. For example, the current version is 7.2. Reporting only "CC" is not specific enough.


                                  For those of you who are on 7.2, there may be at least two separate issues leading to choppy playback. A few users have reported that one of the following measures helps:

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                                    Cadillacula Level 1

                                    OK I'm still at a complete los$$, in every cent$ of the word.


                                    To my surprise I was at version 7.0 Sir Reel. This is bad because Adobe Cloud kept telling me all of my apps were up to date. I unsinstalled cloud and premiere, reinstalled both, now I am at 7.2.0 (46).


                                    Zero change.


                                    I tried the RGB Curves test. No Change.


                                    I cleared the Preview Files that I could find. No change.


                                    I've switched the MPE from GPU to CPU. No change.


                                    The playback is slowish and my source monitor looks as if it's struggling to draw the lines of the image fast enough if that helps explain my specific choppiness. A few frames look OK but then suddenly there's a jagged wave almost like frame rate or something. I'm down to testing direct clips right from my 5D mkIII (cinestyle) to the timeline with no effects. I can even click on the source .MOV file in the assets folder and play it to a monitor from there and see the same issues bypassing timeline/sequences, etc.


                                    Again this is so odd concerning it just started happening all of a sudden.


                                    I don't know where to go from here. Can anyone map out the exact area I need to hunt down the cached files. Anyone have the bug report link handy?


                                    Also I'm not sure how this weird Creative Cloud issue I described is playing into this - it was impossible to uninstall the thing too, kept getting desktop uninstall errors before finally using brute strength. I cant believe it was telling me I was up to date at Premiere 7.0. Real nice... of course not that it mattered in any way.

                                    • 15. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                      Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                      On Windows, cache files are at c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common. You should find two cache folders there.

                                      If you can't find the AppData folder, you'll have to set Windows Explorer to show hidden files.

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                                        slowlearner2013 Level 1

                                        Prem Pro CC 7.1

                                        HP i7 Win 7

                                        nvidia 650M


                                        Same here... and Creative Cloud Updater is very buggy... It tells me all my apps are up to date, yet if i run the updater inside Premiere > help > updates - I can download to 7.2??


                                        I'm about to try the cache clean idea as said in http://forums.adobe.com/message/5934916


                                        I've deleted previews, checked drivers etc...

                                        • 17. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                          Cadillacula Level 1

                                          Solved. (Possibly only temporarily - I will report back.)


                                          Unfortunately I was in panic mode so I was not using scientific method to fix my problem – more of a shotgun method.


                                          Major variables here so I’ll try to recap.



                                          #1) I started messing round with Lumetri “SpeedLooks” LUTS for the first time directly in Premiere. I have been using the lumetri looks that are in premiere now – but I have never gone and grabbed a lut from somewhere else – which I did when I imported the SpeedLook luts from the Speedgrade program folder. This was the beginning of the end – whatever happened started slowing everything down and started giving me choppy codec/frame rate issue feeling problems ever forward – even when I would play stripped down clips directly from my camera on the source menu.



                                          #2) I started rolling my nvidia driver back and forward while troubleshooting – I ended up in the forward most current position, but who knows.



                                          #3) As mentioned I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Cloud and Premiere in order to get to the newest version. Adobe Cloud was lying to me about my apps being up to date. Don’t believe the lies. Terrible lies. Will this keep happening? Is there even support for the Adobe Creative Cloud app itself? On the latest and greatest (ahem) version of both for now.



                                          #4) I was constantly creating a new project for troubleshooting but this time I decided to save it in a completely new folder way out on my root nowhere near where my video projects have been for the past 9 months. Once I relocated the project and the source files to a new distant location I dragged some footage on the timeline and it worked! Then I loaded it with effects (no LUTS, not that brave) and it worked!  I was back to my old self as though my home office was the TARDIS.


                                          So… If it is a weird corrupt file or old cach preview files issue, will these bad vibe files start building up again in this new location and one day out of the blue I’ll suddenly be editing in 1979 on a TRS-80 again? Why did this start happening to my projects to begin with? Did the SpeedLook LUTS create the possibly bad preview/cache files to begin with? Did this happen because I was messing with SpeedLook LUTS inside premiere, with Canon 5D footage on an unbeknownst to me (or Adobe Cloud) old (7.0) version of Premiere thinking I was on the latest version? Dare I try LUTS again now that I'm finally stable?


                                          I’m a paranoid gunshy mess over this.



                                          When it finally worked I literally watched a few clips for a coupla minutes and had to run. I’ll put it through its paces tonight and see if we’re finally back to the future. (But I’ll probably hold off on LUTs until I get some insight/feedback – because I can’t go through this again – I’ll just have to make my contrasty blue and teal magic in 3-Way CoCo until then.

                                          • 18. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                            miller-creative Level 1

                                            I followed advice and rolled Premiere back to 7.0.1 - It's now running at a professional speed again. Clearing cache, setting to software rendering did nothing for me.


                                            Rendering was taking such a massive amount of time. A 100 sec sequence was taking 2.5hrs to render comapired to 3.5mins before installing the CC update to Premiere 7.2.


                                            This problem is not effecting everyone. Seem most apparent on older Mac's/Macbook Pro's etc.


                                            Hope Adobe sort this out as there were some nice additions in 7.2.

                                            • 19. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly

                                              Same playback issue.  Never had this problem until a few days ago.


                                              Premiere CC 7.2.0

                                              Macbook Pro early 2011  10.9.1 Mavericks

                                              500GB 7200rpm

                                              AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB

                                              8GB RAM


                                              Working with DSLR h264 footy.

                                              Cleaned all the cache

                                              Reset preferences

                                              Still super choppy playback and excruitatingly long exports when GPU accerlation is enabled.   Works so so at 1/2 res playback using software only option.


                                              Adobe tech support tried to help me out.  Said that my driver needed to be updated and I needed to contact AMD for that...


                                              Ya seems like the problem is more likely in the 7.2 update.  I never had a problem until last week.

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                                                slowlearner2013 Level 1

                                                come on Adobe... sort this one out. We are having the same issues here with Adobe Prem CC 7.1 and 7.2 on a PC or MAC. Nvidia 650M.


                                                Creative cloud says all apps up to date when theyre not. Creative Cloud software also has issues when trying to install its own updates - crashes then wont start up.


                                                I also have issues with Photoshop CC 64 bit - it wont even open??


                                                Just give us a stable version of your software. We dont need updates every few months... just get it sorted before you release.

                                                • 22. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                  slowlearner2013 Level 1

                                                  has anyone tried this http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5-2.htm


                                                  Its worth looking at and updates your GPU to the adobe supported cards list.

                                                  • 23. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                    Cadillacula Level 1

                                                    Well well well... what's this? 2 count 'em 2 adobe updates... one to Creative Cloud... and one to Premiere Pro... well well well.


                                                    Squeaky wheel? Or coincidenece?


                                                    Updating now (fingers corssed so hard they hurt).


                                                    UPDATE: Aaaaand "error installing the creative cloud desktop" message. Great start. Uninstalling manually per the norm... here we go again....

                                                    • 24. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                      chadandreo Level 1

                                                      Any updates?

                                                      I am having the same issue.

                                                      2011 MacBook Pro

                                                      i7 2.2

                                                      16GB Ram

                                                      256 SSD + 750GB HD

                                                      AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1GB

                                                      • 25. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                        Michael J Titera Level 1



                                                        I had the same problem. This is what I did to resolve it:


                                                        1) Edit -> Preferences -> Media

                                                        2) Moved "Media Cache Files" and "Media Cache Database" to my C: Drive

                                                        3) Saved and closed Premiere.

                                                        4) Restarted Premiere


                                                        Now, playback is perfect. Note: My separate video drive (my V: Drive) now only contains my source files and previews (no longer the cache data).





                                                        • 26. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                          u_felski Level 1

                                                          Hi all,

                                                          had the same problem.. after trying tons of things i found a simple solution... almost embarressing.

                                                          My external Audio Hardware (RME Madi) had its sample rate set to 44.1khz (my clips where 48 khz). after matching the audio sample rate everything is perfect.



                                                          • 27. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                            vrvince Level 1

                                                            I am original poster here, upgraded to 7.2.2 today. No better for my AMD Radeon 6770m. OsX 10.8.5. See first post for other settings.

                                                            ProjectSettings, Rendering: GPU a bit slower than CPU. Neither useable.

                                                            Cleared cache and cleaned cache database; moved cache to internal drive; checked audio hardware configurations.

                                                            • 28. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                              speedtheplough Level 1

                                                              I finally figured this problem out for me - i started getting this problem on all clips, regardless of codec and whether they were graded, as soon as the timeline became rendered (giving a green bar above the timeline)


                                                              happened after upgrading to mavericks.


                                                              in the sequence settings, "Composite in Linear Colour" was ticked - so unless you have GPU acceleration, its not going to play black properly.


                                                              Unticked and it started working again and life improved dramatically.

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                                                              • 29. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                Hi speedtheplough,

                                                                Thanks for finding a workaround.



                                                                • 30. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                  Justin Kavoussi

                                                                  Hi vrvince,

                                                                  Any chance you're using merged clips in your project? I've had similar issues myself with large projects when using merged clips and the only workaround I've found yet is to recreate & replace all merged clips with single-angle multicams. You can test this out by deleting all merged clips from any open sequences - if you have the same issue as me you'll notice a significant performance improvement. Not sure if this is your problem, but figured I'd chime in just in case.



                                                                  • 31. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                    irvinjoelbanta Level 1

                                                                    seriously Adobe...! now with my 7.2.2 im getting EXACT sluggish playback problem that everyone else here is getting!  & if anyone shouldnt be sluggish on this post... its my laptop which is Entirely SSD & RAID SSD...


                                                                    makes me re-think any Updates you guys send down, if it's not broke dont fix it...


                                                                    MSI G70

                                                                    Windows 8

                                                                    Premiere CC 7.2.2

                                                                    I'm just edting some H.264 5d Mark III footage... easy right?


                                                                    I've already clear my cache that was located on my C drive (which is in a RAID SSD setup) & move it to my scratch disk another SSD internal drive.  Been back & forth on changing my GPU to Software only... with deleting preview files, (just like everyone has mentioned to do...)... no luck


                                                                    irvin Joel banta iv



                                                                    • 32. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly

                                                                      I'm having these same issues and was wondering what was going on? I have to render each selection if I just want to play it back and check it out while editing. I never had to do this before. Any suggestions? I'm not the most computer literate guy on here but I will list what I'm working with.


                                                                      Mac Pro (2009)

                                                                      SSD -128 GB

                                                                      9 GB 667 DDRs FB-DIMM

                                                                      5.5 GB Hard Drive Space

                                                                      NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB


                                                                      Any suggestions would be very helpful.

                                                                      • 33. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                        Jas69 Level 1

                                                                        Premiere pro cc is jumping chunks of frames at a time during play back making it impossible to judge the timing I've set up. I've put up with it for months but can't work with it any more.


                                                                        6 core i7 @ 3.5 Ghz

                                                                        32 gig ram

                                                                        SSD c-drive

                                                                        AMD Firepro 5900


                                                                        Latest drivers all round

                                                                        Premiere 8.1 - virtually useless 

                                                                        • 34. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                          Small Town Gal Level 1

                                                                          Hi, All,

                                                                          Same problem here -- really choppy playback, slow, stop -- even at 1/4 size.  It starts out o.k., but as I add to the project, the performance completely disintegrates and it's becoming very frustrating.  I thought it was because I was working on an older Mac with 10.7.5, but it appears that many of you are having the same problems.  I have worked with FCP in the past and am switching over to Premiere Pro (running CC2014), so that's why I thought it must be a problem with my older computer.  I'm getting a new Mac in a week or two, so I hope that corrects the problem.

                                                                          Small Town Gal

                                                                          • 35. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                            dummergold Level 4

                                                                            no machine will run properly if media sequence files are imported through the Project panel


                                                                            latest immediate fix for me was to make my media offline and using the Media Browser, import your media


                                                                            night and day differences


                                                                            imports through the media browser instantly - no hours of importing, no hours of generating peak files


                                                                            I am able to work, you should also

                                                                            • 36. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                              Small Town Gal Level 1

                                                                              Dear dummergold,

                                                                              I will certainly follow your suggestion, but what's up with that?  When you say media sequence files, I assume that you mean an import of a movie file and not a rendered sequence file?  I have dropped my H264.mov files into the project panel rather than importing them through the browser, but I don't really understand why it makes a difference how the files are brought in.


                                                                              I have mixed a number of different video formats, 1920 x 1080 HD, 1280 x 720 HD, and older 720 x 480 from digital tape, so I converted them all into a uniform 1280 x 720 H264 format, 24 fps, 48 Hz stereo, through Quicktime conversion.  I also felt that might be causing the problem because I knew that I was mixing a number of different sources.  The final project renders out well and plays fine in Quicktime, but the playback during editing leaves much to be desired.

                                                                              • 37. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                                dummergold Level 4

                                                                                a 10GB dng camera file appears in a file as a dng sequence of frames when imported VIA the project bin, takes hours to import and hours to generate peak files


                                                                                it looks like this in the project bin


                                                                                bmpcc dng.JPG


                                                                                imported VIA the Media Browser is instant and gives the same dng file the appearance of all other ' single containered' media files


                                                                                now looks like this


                                                                                bmpcc dng media browser.JPG


                                                                                now I am able to work in PP CC at speed thought rather then click, wonder what will happen, wait and click again

                                                                                • 38. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                                  Kokw Level 1

                                                                                  If you have sluggish playback problem try to RENDER AUDIO before work 

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Choppy playback in CC, suddenly
                                                                                    Small Town Gal Level 1

                                                                                    Dear All,

                                                                                    The files that I'm bringing in are not .dng camera files but .H264 movie files converted by Quicktime from various sources to all be uniform video and audio formats.  They do not take hours to import and are available immediately, residing on the same hard drive that has Adobe Premiere installed.  This is always how I worked in FCP, not working offline from files stored on an external hard drive because that caused the same playback problems that we are talking about here -- the external drives were not fast enough to keep up with the playback.  I don't think this is what's causing the problem here, and let me add that even when the entire sequence is completely rendered, both video and audio, playback is still as choppy and awful as when not rendered at all! 

                                                                                    Small Town Gal

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