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    Placed AI files give pixelated PDF output (ID CS6)


      Hello! If someone knows the answer to this, I'd be very grateful.


      I colour comic pages in Photoshop, place the file in Illustrator and letter it, then send the finished pages to the printer as a PDF, which I export from Indesign (all CS6). The original placed files are 600dpi, and I export the PDF at 300dpi. A regular placed PSD in Indesign works fine, but the placed images in the Illustrator files don't downsample correctly. There is no anti-aliasing, so they resize "nearest neighbour" style.


      The screenshot below shows a PDF with placed PSD (above) vs an AI file (below) - both raster files are the same resolution.


      Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 09.30.37.png


      Is this a known bug, or something I'm doing wrong? I don't think this was an issue in older versions of Indesign. I've tried embedding the PSDs in the AI files versus linking them, saving the Illustrator files as legacy versions, and many other, more convoluted solutions. To keep the text crisp for print, I can't just export the Illustrator files as PSDs.


      I've been reduced to printing Postscript from Indesign then using Distiller to make PDFs - with the same job options I should be using in Indesign. Done that way, the images antialias properly. I would be very grateful for any assistance making Indesign do what I bought it to do.


      (I'm on Mac OS 10.8.4, Indesign version 8.01)