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    Brush tool problem Flash cc


      Well i got flash cc i started using the brush tool with my tablet it showed the pen pressure etc , but when  in started to draw even curves it didnt respond  - like i didnt even draw yet even though  did then some times it does respond but the lines are all messed up - if i draw a curve or some thing it becomes edgey or straight or the line is scriggly or turns very skinny out of no where , as if i had really bad lag on it even though i dont,

      i dont know whats wrong but im trying to get into animating again but the brush tool bug or glitch is anoying  and i do not have any other flash program to use only this one ,so can any one explain whats happening? , i even updated but it didnt  help either!


      I use a bamboo splash, its currently Driver 5.3.2-1 for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP