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    Batch image numbering/importing CS4


      Hello, I have a question about inDesign, I am laying out a book, that is very very big. It will be 3 volumes, and has over 2500 images/photos in it. Each image will be layed out on pages in 1 of 9 different design layout templates (ie some pages have 1 image ranging up to 4 in different layouts), and with a side panel on each page which has the number of each photo on it.

      Can anyone suggest the best way to try and automate some of this process?

      I know that there is automation for ticket numbering if all the numbering is in exactly the same place, but these images are in different places (9 different configurations).

      So I'd like to know tips on doing the numbering in the side panel, which will have sometime 4 numbers, sometimes 3, 2 or 1 number.)

      And if there is any faster way to import the image files, I'd love to hear about that too. At present the image files will be named with the same number that will be type set in the side bar. I will probably use bridge to do batch imports for each page, but that will still be over 1000 pages. nightmare. not to mention the 2500 numbers that must be type set differently for every page. nightmare.

      Estimates on the time here too would be interesting.


      Thanks, would lov to hear any ideas!