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    I'm so disappointed with this software, very frustrated and I hate it. I want to return it.


      I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 11 and had the worst 3 hours trying to edit a 1:30 minute clip. I bought it on Amazon and they wont let me return it.

      I've been using Photoshop for years and years and find PS to be very intuitive, what you see is what you get. So I figure all Adobe products will have the same amazing usability and easy of use that Photoshop has. Nope, Not with Premiere.


      Here's the simple things I wanted to do that are extremely complex in this frustrating software.


      1. I opened up an old clip that already had a text watermark on the bottom right of the video. I can't remove it, so I wanted to crop it out and only show the top 95% of the video. premiere doesn't let me do that.

      It took me about 15 minutes to find "Crop". I go to action bar >> effects >> crop (Could they make it any harder to find btw?) and see the crop feature.

      I think that if I click that then I will get a pointer and can drag it across my clip and crop what I want.

      But no, it doesnt do anything at all, its useless. It tells me to drag it over my clip, I do and nothing happens. useless


      2. I watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhLBAT_kLHs

      Near the end he creates a zoom, but that didnt work correctly for me.


      3. So I guess I have to "trick" premiere to do what I want it to do. I created a gif similar in color to the area with the watermark that I want to cover. It will be a big rectangle over the watermark, and it will be ugly, but at least it will cover the water mark.

      When it comes time to resize the gif Premiere resizing is a nightmare, you cant resize it the way you want, when you pull on the sides to expant it, it expands in the opposite direction (silent scream!!!!)


      4. So I have to post 2 gif images in order to cover the whole area. Ok fine whatever, So I play the clip in the editor, it looks good, the watermark is covered.

      I render it and export it.

      The 2 gif images are an inche away from the watermark!

      They are not OVER the watermark like in edit mode (Silent scream!!!!)


      5. So now I figure its just buggy so I just closed it all down and restarted it.

      Then I put my normal sized video clip back intot he time line, and Premiere made it into a thumbnail size, and if I enlarge it then it gets blurry (silent scream !!!!!)


      Awful, just awful. Completely unintuitive and doesnt export what it says it's going to export.

      What a frustrating experience with this software, I never want to touch it again.


      Pleeeeeease let me return it and get my money back and I can buy something easier.