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    Exporting flash files as HTML5


      Is there a way of exporting more complex flash animations to HTML5 please? I create scientific animations in flash - http://www.liquidjigsaw.com/science/animation - and my clients now wish them to be viewable on an ipad.


      Also the new animations I create have been requested in HTML5. I have done lots of research and installed the Toolkit for JSCreate for flash but this only works for very simple animations.


      This is becoming a big concern for my business - can you advise please? Or should I no longer be using Flash?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          I only looked a few of your animation. The ones that I looked at looked very linear and have no interactivity. Have you thought about exporting them from Flash as video? The video can be played and paused and single framed.


          Here is a list of some html5 tools that you might want to look at: http://www.sitepoint.com/6-useful-html5-tools/

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            liquidjigsaw Level 1

            Thanks for this suggestion. I have tried several times to export them as video but Flash has taken all day trying to export and then has crashed (or never completed the export). Saying that, the ones I am more interested in exporting have controls (scrub bar, pause/play) which include actionscript so maybe if I removed the controls this may be more successful. You are right though - it does appear like a good interim solution (if it works!).

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              yachts_999 Level 1

              You could always use Adobe AIR to export your Flash files so they will run on an iPad. You would have to sign up as an Apple Developer but then you can produced AIR for iOS files (straight from Flash Professional) with your certification and place the app directly onto a (limited) number of iOS devices.

              Alternatively an Apple Enterprise account allows apps to be distributed in large numbers, also outside of the App store.

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                liquidjigsaw Level 1

                That is really useful advice – thank you. Do you know if these AIR files can be embedded in a website for online viewing? Or are they apps only which need to be purchased and downloaded, for example, from the Apple store?  The reason I ask is because often the animations I produce are usually viewable online only and are available for free download. I will look into this further – thanks again.

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                  yachts_999 Level 1

                  Yes I think the AIR files can be put on a website but they can also be distributed outside the App Store. This is called ad-hoc distribution and is a privilege that comes with being a Registerd Apple Developer although you are limited to 100 devices per year.


                  Adobe AIR (for iOS or for Android) has allowed me to port many pieces of Flash work straight over to mobile devices with only a few lines of ActionScript needing to be changed. So Flash does run on iOS (although inside a native wrapper)!

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                    yachts_999 Level 1

                    Take a look at www.testflightapp.com where you can upload your platform-specific AIR file (.ipa or .apk) and it is downloadable directly to the devices of users registered to your test flight account.


                    I have used this site and it works very well although I haven't explored the boundaries in terms of number of user/devices.

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                      liquidjigsaw Level 1

                      Thanks so much for this information – you have made my day! I’m just about to start a new animation job so I can hopefully give it a go…