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    CFLOCATION not passing URL variable

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      I have a simple CFLOCATION redirecting to a page with a fixed value of 15 as id


      <CFLOCATION URL="http://www.MYWEBSITE.com/index.cfm?id=15">


      When I hit the page locally it works fine, the receiving page can see the value of 15 in id.


      However, when I run the same page on the server I get an error that the url.id does not exist


      Not sure what is causing this, could it be a config issue in the CF admin?





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          Just after posting this I managed to find some sort of resolution to the problem, but it does concern me that this issue could be on other sites now. I found a link that suggested if a session was set and the cflocation was used all within one page then problems with variables could occur




          I do have an application.cfm that sets a session, and when I hit the page the user does go right to the cflocation at the same time.


          I placed an empty application.cfm into the directory so that it did not go one level up and set the session from the main application.cfm and now the variable does indeed pass through.


          What I can't understand is why it works locally but not on the server


          Anybody have any other input for this problem?

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            Typical, just after I post, I find the problem. My application.cfm in the top level which is was using initially is different local vs server. In the server version there is a temp cflocation in place, so it's redirecting before it gets to my main redirect with the id in it.. problem solved.