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    InDesign SWF Multi file link


      How can i link to other documents when exporting a SWF file. I have a master contents with eight buttons which I need to link to eight different ID files. The buttons does give the option of a Hyperlink text anchor to other open docs but when I export it doesn't seem to work.



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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          As I know SWF support buttons partially.Try to use Hyperlinks, create a frame and add a new hyperlink and link to file.

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            Earjunk Level 1

            Thanks Salah


            Only Problem with this way is that it opens in the local browser. Is there a way to open the linked SWF also in Flash player and then from the newly opened SWF file return back to the initial contents view page all in Flash player?.


            Another way if it is possible is when I export the final SWF file from ID can it link to the eight Indesign files and write one single SWF file?


            So ID File 1 (contents) will be exported as SWF but it reads/Links to the other eight ID files to create one single SWF?