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    Frequent Indesign Crashing, CS6 and Now CC, any help for a fault finding novice?


      Good afternoon,


      I have been experiencing a lot of crashes, firstly with CS3 on my old system, then with CS6, then I upgraded to a new PC and still had CS6 crashes and now i have CC and still having similar issues.


      My system is Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit, with 8GB Ram.


      The crashing can happen upon Indesign boot, even with a simple 3Mb file opening and can also occur randomly mid work.


      Here is my error report if it will help.




      I have looked through the forum but am not certain if other faults i have come across are related to mine or not so If anyone can advise the best course of action it would be much appreciated. I am not the most technically minded when it comes to the running of the pc so any help would be great.


      Best regards


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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          I hope you are running any of your InDesign versions at their most-recent patched version; not at their out-of-the-box versions. Click on Help > Update in InDesign in order to download and install the version patch.


          Have you tried this? Opening the C:\Windows\Temp folder while no programs are running; selecting all the .tmp files and all the files beginning with a tilde (or really select all files and sub-folders within that folder) and delete them and then reboot your Windows machine and see if it feels better and runs InDesign more stably.


          Another chicken-soup idea to investigate is to obtain a font utility software like FontDoctor. Run this investigative software on your installed fonts to see whether it finds a corrupt or partially corrupt font. Remove any such bad fonts. BTW, simply getting rid of old fonts is a good idea. Get rid of all your PostScript Type 1 fonts. Leave only OpenType fonts on your system.


          Afterwards, maybe your system will crash less.