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    install/integration with Dreamweaver

    jcarello1 Level 1
      Hopefully someone is out there who can help since support is closed at 8:35EST!!!

      I purchased a new computer
      I installed my Dreamweaver MX on the new comptuer. Great
      I installed Contribute tonight on my new computer (version 4, by the way)
      Opened Contribute - great, everything fine.
      Opened Dreamweaver and went to manage sites and Administer Site in Contribute and it says that Contribute 2.0 or greater must be installed. Well, 4.0 was installed!!!
      Tried reinstalling 4.0
      Still didn't work
      Decided to upgrade to CS3, which now I find out is just 4.1 - so should I be completely *&% off at this point because I paid $80 for a service pack, or is there really new functionality???
      Anyway, install the new CS3, and I STILL GET THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE!!!!!
      I am ready to pull my hair out - I have like 15 clients using this software and two came on board TODAY and I need to send connection keys TONIGHT!!!!!!
      HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!