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    Exporting InDesign Book to Epub (general questions)

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      Re: InDesign CC


      I've created a 366 page book using about 32 individual .indd files and have some general exporting-to-epub questions.


      1. Images.


      My images are placed .ai and .psd files that have names I can understand, such as picture-of-this.ai and picture-of-that.psd. When InDesign exports to epub, the images are renamed to something that a species whose native language is binary can understand. For example, this and that get renamed to 12345.jpg and 67890.jpg. And then there is also a funky naming convention that keeps the original name but adds _fmt.jpeg to it.


      Is it possible for me to export to epub and keep original file names?


      2. content.opf metadata


      Ultimately my epub needs to be converted into Kindle format. Amazon provides a Kindle Previewer that converts the file into their required .mobi format and that works, but some minor customization is required to get it to work right. The minor customizations include assigning the cover page, the table of contents (toc), and in my opinion, an even more important start page.


      My cover page, toc, and start page exist as individual .indd files.


      According to the mobipocket references (provided above), I need to add a few items to the content.opf file:


      For the cover:

      <metadata> <meta name="cover" content="my-cover-image" /> </metadata>


      <manifest> <item href="MyCoverImage.jpg" id="my-cover-image" media-type="image/jpeg" /> </manifest>


      For the table of contents:

      <guide> <reference type="toc" title="Table of Contents" href="mytoc.html"/> </guide>


      For the start page:

      <guide> <reference type="start" title="Start here" href="starthere.html"/> </guide>


      So, I can use Dreamweaver easily enough to open the content.opf file and manually insert those codes, but is there a way I can pre-code their key values into the InDesign page so that they are automatically placed in the proper positions on export?