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    ScrollPane with Dynamic Content problem

    JoeDaSilva Level 4
      Hello gang,

      We're trying to load a movieclip (dynamic XML content) into a scrollpane. This works fine, except we need the ability to have the height of the movieclip in the scrollpane set dynamically. We've attempted to use autosize to rectify the issue, but when rendered this we loose the scrollbar in the scrollpane.

      Does anyone have a recommendation?
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          ooba Level 1
          Why are you trying to modify the height as apposed to having a fixed layout for the text area?
          Im actually working on dynamic content from xml and loading it into a dynamic text box.
          Just curious and also as to what the answer to this is.
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            niki tsanov Level 1
            I try to resize the height into the scrollpane.content and inside movieclips._height everything work fine for me i just used this one
            var mc=scrollpane.content;
            works and with movieclips inside the content
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              rlc5611 Level 1
              The scrollpane is a component with child clips. Once you first load content into the pane, the pane learns the size of its content clip, determines it if needs scrollbars and what size those bars should be. If you change the content of the scrollpane dynamically, you have to refresh it or invalidate/refresh for Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8 or "redraw" the pane in Flash 6 and it will once again reevaluate the scrollbars. However, before you do either refresh or redraw the scrollpane (depending on version of Flash), you first have to wait until that new content is loaded so that the content clip will know what its size really is. You can use some form of preloader check to ensure that enough of the content clip is loaded so that size can be determined.