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    beforeSave "Cannot delete the target of an active script event" error


      I have a beforeSave applescript (saved in "Applications:Adobe InDesign CS5.5:Scripts:Event Scripts") that used to work in CS3.


      Along with a list of other things it checks to see if a page needs a crossword and if it does it brings it in.


      In CS5.5 it happily does the list of things but does not do the crossword. I've managed to track down where the error occurs, it is thrown when

      it encounters the place command with the following error:  "Cannot delete the target of an active script event".


      Herewith a simple version that will show it:



                set file2place to "path:to:crosswrd"

                tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"

                          tell document 1

                                    tell page 1

        place file file2place on page item "ThePic"

                                    end tell

                          end tell

                end tell

      on error errmsg

                display dialog "beforeSave got this error: " & errmsg

      end try


      Have tried running it in another script (both applescript and extendScript) from within the beforeSave script but still the same problem.