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    Adobe Flash Player download quit unexpectedly


      My computer said that I needed to download the newest update for Adobe Flashplayer. The update would not download on my computer because it said that my Mac Os x was not compatable with the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer. I did all the things I thought I might need to do to make that possible ie. updated my safari as well as uninstalled any previous adobe products in my computer.


      After I did those things, I tried downloading it again, still not compatable with my computer. I gave up on ever downloading that version and started to find out how do download older versions of adobe flash player. I found an older verson on the adobe.com website and began to download it. I downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/. Now this link downloaded fine, however, when I press open when it prompts me to choose an option since it was downloaded from the internet, I click on open. Next that shows up is "Adobe Flashplayer quit unexpectedly, click retry, ignore, or report to apple". This continues even after I have clicked retry many times. Now I have no flash player and I can not do most things on the internet. Please help!