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    Add a button to send the model by e-mail, is it possible?


      Hello, I modified an existing template and I would like to insert a button in order to send the form by e-mail, is it possible? thanks

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          This depends on whether you would like to have the form filled out online (HTML in a web browser) or as a PDF file, and whether you want the form sent to you, the author, or to the form submitter.


          For both cases there is a "Email Reciepts" feature and a "Email Notification" feature in a paid account that you can use by adding an "Email" field to the form and an email reciept will be sent to the email address entered into the email field, notifications would be sent to you.  The reciept and notification can contain the form data.


          You can also edit the PDF if you wanted to use a PDF and wanted the form model to be emailed to you the author you can edit the PDF after downloading from FormsCentral and before distributing the PDF adding an "Email" button, if you are interested in this route I will point you to an FAQ on how to edit a FormsCentral PDF and then on how to add an email button.




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