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    How to protected multipoint?


      I broacast demo:


      Encoder -> FMIS 1 -> FMIS 2


      FMIS2 : allowedHTMLdomains.txt, main.asc, allowedSWFdomains.txt


      I edit allowedHTMLdomains.txt -> FMIS 2 not work (remove * , add domain, restart server)


      How to protected stream in FMIS2 ?

      any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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          Valkyriese Level 1

          Please help me!!!


          I spent 4 days but have not found a way to overcome!


          Other sites still get my stream if used multipont


          I do not know main.far file main.asc and nothing differently?


          Thanks for reply.

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            SE_0208 Adobe Employee

            I am not sure what you are trying to protect - whether someone ripping your stream or want to protect someone streaming to you.


            Now if you want to protect anyone streaming from your server, please use SWFVerification. Now this will block your FMS connection too. So you need to allow it in as exception.


            To protect anyone publishing, you can either use Access Adaptor or Server-side AS to write logic to allow only connections from valid publishers.


            For example - navigate to <yourinstallationAMS_Directory>/samples/applications/live - you will see main.asc. Open it in Notepad and you will logic on how to allow clients - you will see that encoders like FMLE or FMS as publisher are not checked for authentication - you can that check by writing your own code.

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              Valkyriese Level 1

              Thanks SE_0208 reply!


              I do not know much about the code, I just use the FMS available. How to?