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    List of figures out of sequence

    wwzeitler Level 1

      I'm a bit of a newbie. But this is the last issue in otherwise successfully setting up a regular 350 page book with figures (same threaded text frame every page). I've successfully gotten my list of figures working except for one place that is out of sequence. Each figure except for the offending spot is numbered correctly both in the figure captions in the running text, and in the List of Figures:


      Figure 1 blah blah

      Figure 2 blah blah

      ... all is well

      Figure 38 blah blah 

      Figure 40 blah blah

      ... all is well after this


      OOPS! WHERE IS FIGURE 39? It's neither in the running text nor in the List of Figures! (The figures are all there, they are just misnumbered)


      So far I've:

      1) ensured that all the figure captions are using the 'Figure Caption' paragraph style (which uses a number list / use previous number)

      2) searched for an empty 'Figure Caption' paragraph between Figure 38 & Figure 40

      3) Ensured that all the images are anchored in the main text frames (this can definitely hose the number sequence)

      4) Created a new number list and assigned that to the Figure Caption paragraph style to force the numbering to regenerate


      Another anomoly: Figure 38 is in the document file for chapter 8. Figure 40 is in the document file for chapter 10. There are no figures in chapter 9, but if I insert one in chapter 9 temporarily as a test, it is numbered Figure 1. This doesn't matter for the finished book, but may be a clue to you Indesign Mages out there.


      I get the same results with Indesign CS6 and CC. I'm out of ideas. Help help!