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    Login/Sign up, system

    Sketchsta Level 1
      Hi all.

      I've been trying for afew days now to get some sort of Login Sign Up system to work. But all the info I can get, requires a database, like MySQL.

      Can this be done using just a simple text file to hold the info?

      Security is not an issue, this is just temporary.
      If things go well, then I will upgrade to a MySQL database. But for now, i just need users to be able to Sign Up ( their username and password to be saved in a text file ) and the users to be able to Login using the username and login they provided.

      Is Flash able to write to an external text file?
      Im sure I can get it to read a text file, and get data from it.

      Thanx in advance for any help, and suggestions.

      Happy New Year ALL!!!