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    Search not working in File Open Dialog boxes of Adobe Applications


      When I use the File -> Open Dialog box in InDesign CC, Acrobat PhotoShop CC or Illustrator CC and use the search/spotlight function in the upper right corner, it does not search the folder I am in. It will search "This Mac" correctly, but it will not find anything if I select the folder I am in. I have typed in items that I know are in the folder, but it still will not find them. I have performed a Disk Utility permissions repair and defragmentation on the drive. This search function seems to work fine in Word or Excel. This functionality was working fine when I had Adobe CS 5.5 with OS 10.7, then this functionality stopped work. I then upgraded to Adobe CC, and still had the problems. I then upgraded to OS 10.8 and still have the same problem. Does anyone esle have this problem? Any suggestions on fixes?