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    Handling successive versions of the same help project in VSS

    Paul Griffiths Level 1
      If I understand it correctly, RHX5 always gets the most-recent version of a version-controlled project from Visual SourceSafe. Sometimes, however, I may want to build an older, labeled version of the project. By using VSS directly, I think I would be able to check the old labeled version out to a working directory. But my concern is that if I tried to open the project in RH it will get confused and start checking out the latest version again. If so, can this be avoided?

      Another way of asking the same question is this: Suppose I write a help system for Release 1 of my application, put it in VSS and label it accordingly. Then I start updating the project for Release 2. If it turns out I have to make some fixes to the Release 1 version, ignoring the changes that relate to work on Release 2, what's the best way of handling this?