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    Having trouble playing (or "stacking") multiple actions, please help!


      I have written a few actions to use on my photographs (each action is put into its own group) and each time i run multiple actions and "stack" them the adjustment layers within the groups get all jumbled and the effect is not what it should be. Any advice?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It would help if you expanded all the steps in your action and post a screen capture of your actions palette so we get an idea of what your doing. This thread also belongs in the Photoshop general forum. This forum is for scripting question.  Actions are not scripts.  If there are too many step in your actions to capture. You can save *** you loaded actions as a text file and extract the actions you having problems with and post their text form. Hold down the CTRL|CMD+ALT|OPT then use the fly-out menu Save Action to save the text file.