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    IE9 mp4 video


      Im having trouble fixing IE 9 plyback of mp4 video      www.whakarongo.com/stage21/part_1/start.html  (hide the first page slider and try to click and icon, a video plays)



      here's my video code (attached within a symbol, within a symbol, within a symbol, within a symbol on the stage):


      var vid = sym.$("seoul_vidx");



      vid.html('<video id= "video3" style="width: 100%; height: auto; overflow: hidden" controls >' +



      "<source src='video/seoul.mp4' type='video/mp4' />" +

      "<source src='video/seoul.webm' type='video/webm' />" +

      "<source src='video/seoul.ogv' type='video/ogv' />" +





      I've check the mp4 has the correctly located moov for web playback and it does.  I just can't seem to get these videos to play on IE9 - any thoughts?


      heres the link to the videos