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    Creating Independent Smart Objects in the Same Document???


      I'm not even sure how to ask this question really, so here goes. I downloaded a .psd file that is a catalog mockup. The document contains a smart object that looks like a catalog lying on a table top and I want to take my catalog art and place it in this smart object so that it looks like I've taken a nice photograph of my design work. That is the easy part!


      What I want to do now is duplicate that smart object, put it underneath the original so it is peeking out and tilt it a bit. Then I want to put the back side of the catalog art on it so that it now looks like I've got both the front and back showing. Only problem I keep running into is that now when I click on the 2nd, duplicated smart object and put the different art (back of catalog) on it, it updates the original, first smart object that I want to show the front of the catalog. Frustrating!!!!


      Basically I want the two smart objects to not link and update each other when they are in the same document. Is this possible? I can't find anything online so far and am running out of time. I even tried calling Adobe and that WAS A MESS.