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    Animation playback stalling in iOS


      I created an animation for an iPad magazine (DPS) that plays fine when I test in a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), but gets stuck when I test it on an iPad. There is a symbol that contains a circular progress bar and slideshow, a play/pause button, and an audio file.

      The animation starts fine, but on the first picture transition it stalls, while the audio keeps playing. When I test it in a browser there is a beat while I imagine the next photo is being loaded in the animation, but it continues fine.


      I also have 2 other almost identical animations that work perfectly, the only difference is the images. Is there something weird that's happening, or that I might have missed? When I was creating these animatinos I only changed the name of the link to the audio file and the image links (which are all correct, I've triple checked). Not sure what's going on!!


      If anyone has any insight, it would be super helpful! Thanks C:

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          When you exported the file did you have the browser checked for older browsers ex. IE 6, 7, 8...? etc.

          If so, uncheck it. Also, check the file sizes an make sure they are not too big. I have  a problem where the audio keeps playing in the background but that is another forum.

          Did you create symbols and accidently edit inside of the symbols which may of already had previous code and or actions?

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            akall Level 1

            We managed to fix the problem by deleting the photo transitions and doing them a dfferent way. I'll keep this thread bookmarked for the future, though, if we run across this problem again. Thanks!


            Upon further testing, our problem is not resolved, now it will play through all the picture changes, but freeze on teh last one, while the audio continues. I looked into your suggestions, but it still doesn't work.