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    Unable to import a 4K MP4 file - but other works ok?


      I've got 5 BIG MP4 files from a gopro camera.  Each one is 3.9 GB (because the camera is polite and automatically splits the video into sub-4GB chunks)


      I'm trying to load them into AE CS6.  When I open them, I don't get any errors - but most of the video clips load OK, while the first one doesn't.


      The one that doesn't load shows up in the Project tab as a 0x0 video, with a gray preview.  The others correctly show up as a 4096x2160 11.98FPS H264 video, and I can scroll through them without issue.


      What is really strange is that other apps can play ALL of the videos without issue - VLC, Quicktime, etc.  So it isn't just a bad file.


      So, is there some corruption that would keep that one video from loading?  A bad EXIF tag modification?  Some sort of AE cache that thinks that one file has no video track (or a 0x0 video) track?


      I'd love to recover it without data loss.