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    Performance Issues with RoboHelp 7 (shutting down)

    ginafromtampa Level 1
      Several times a day when working with RoboHelp 7, I get a message that RoboHelp needs to close, and it shuts down. I have 60 GB free space on my hard drive (Windows XP Professional 2002, Service Pack 2), and the following according to the Windows Task Manager:

      Physical Memory:

      Total: 2.0 GB
      Available: 1.15 GB
      System Cache: 1.24 GB

      RoboHTML.exe is using 104 MB.

      RoboHelp has spikes to 100% CPU usage quite often.

      I am currently running several programs and have to close out of Microsoft Office, for example, in order to use RoboHelp.

      I currently have under 500 topics in my RoboHelp project. I plan to import all my localized topics from separate projects, which will add another 1500. I hope this is not the issue.
      Does anyone have any suggestions? I believe I have sufficient RAM and hard drive space.