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    File types listed in start menu - premiere cc and windows 7


      I'm running Premiere CC - in the windows 7 start menu when I expand from the premiere icon I get to see all the projects I've worked on recently as I would expect -  but I also get to see every other type of file I've opened with the program recently too.  So it lists my audio files, XMP files, images - basically everything I've opened, imported or used as part of a project.   It's not what I need if I need quick access to a project I've been working on recently.


      In all my other CC apps I just get to see the project files which is what I need.


      Is this a windows thing or some quirk of CC??


      If it helps - I ended up installing CS6 after a CC install so all my default file extensions are wrong -defaulting to CS6 rather than CC.


      Any one else seen this issue?