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    Flash CS 6 has trouble importing .wav files

    Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

      Not sure what's up with that but it does. Very CLEARLY a bug. If I drag the files onto the Library, it will give an error for each file but then once it's imported each one it will then ask me if I want to overright it and then reimport it again. The audio is then ruined and can not be used. It has been garbled to sound like static.

      If I import them one by one, it does the same thing. If I try to import them all at once the program crashes.

      The .wav files play fine in any other program so it's not the files themselves. It is also repeatable.

      The ONLY thing that works is to batch convert them all to aif files via the Media Encoder but it's asinine to think that I have to do that by default each time.


      I am running Windows 7 64 bit with 8 gb of memory and an Intel Xeon CPU at 2.8 ghz