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    Blank paragraph styles for tagging only


      I wonder if it is possible to create blank paragraph styles for tagging purposes only? I am working on a non-styled document, and would like to apply paragraph styles to different headings without modifying the layout and appearance of the text. I tried to define a paragraph style based on [No Paragraph Style] or [Basic Paragraph], but the font and color changes when I apply those—font size, margins and leading remain unchanged.


      Otherwise, I am afraid the answer could be that I have to define a base style and re-apply all the font variations manually... One headline is made of four size/weight combinations!

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          With the Type tool inserted into the headline text, next you opt/alt click the Create New Paragraph Style button. It will already have all the same physical attributes defined, and you would just name it, base it on No Paragraph Style and click OK to create it. Now you can use it on any text that looks like the one you modeled the style on. Repeat this for the other variations. Since you are going to tag it with styles anyway, you may as well do it right. It is the same time for the work.