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    Assign signature image to imported digital signature


      I have a user who needs to be able to digitally sign documents for the State while using either his desktop or his laptop.  We have the desktop Acrobat X configured properly, where when he digitally signs a document, the signature image is included in his digital certificate.  To set up the signing on the laptop, I imported the .pfx file into Acrobat X on the laptop under Tools -> Sign & Certify -> More Sign & Certify ->Security Settings -> Digital IDs->Add ID-> from a file, where I browsed to the .pfx file.  I added the signature image under Edit->Preferences->Security->New where I imported the .bmp signature image exactly as I did on the desktop.  However, when he digitally signs a .pdf on the laptop, it just has a generic image of his name, not the signature image.  Where am I failing?