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    Is a Sentence Level Wordcount Possible via Scripting?

    JaredHess Level 1

      I'm interested in creating a script that works at the sentence level that counts the number of words in a selected sentence and reports it in the Output View to help the author write more concisely. Is such a thing is possible in RoboHelp 9, the verison I have? For example, can a RH script operate on selected text, like it can in a Word macro?


      It's been a while since I've worked ona RH script, but from what I remember, something like this isn't possilble.


      If that isn't possible, is it possible to to it at the topic level? For example, go through each sentence, count all the words in each sentence in a topic, and if any sentence is greater than the number of specified words, it displays that sentence in the output view.