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    My Photoshop won't do anything


      I can't actually get photoshop to go into the image editor. The program launches just fine, I can open up any dialogs such as preferences, but when I try to open something or start a new file, nothing happens. No error message either. If I click File -> New, I get the dialog to choose the dimensions, and then if I press OK, nothing happens. Same goes for opening something, if I press File -> Open (or anything similar, such as opening a recent file), I get the dialog to choose a file, and then nothing happens. I can only get it to work on the first launch after a system restart, if I close it and reopen it, there is a chance that it will break and I will have to restart my computer. I have attempted the following to fix it:


      -Clear settings


      -Start new administrator profile

      None of the above has worked, so I'm not sure what the problem is.