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    Cannot Download Flash Player


      Please help- working on this for 3 hours. I went to page: http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Page states: Your system: Windows 64-bit , English

      (My pc is Windows 7 Prof, 64 bit 2009. 602 GB free space, 2.70 GHz Processor, running IE 10, logged in as admin)

      I clicked "Install Now"

      Message at bottom: "Do you want to run or save install_flashplayer11x32ax_chrd_awa_aih.exe (1.01 MB) from aihdownload.adobe.com?"

      I clicked "Run"

      (brief security scan)

      Do you want the following to make changes to this computer?

      Adobe....C://install temp files blah blah

      I clicked "Yes"

      Nothing happened. Adobe screen is there, but install now button is gone, looks like some data is missing. Have done this over and over again today, checked system requirements, nothing works. Please help.