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    need help with legacy application.cfm Getting 500-internal server error (with CF-10) it used to work


      We bought CF-10 standard edition and pulled legacy .cfm over.  When we try to open it in a browser, I get a 500 - internal server error.

      When I rename my application.cfm  and open the browser, my legacy pages display,  but with "session errors" due to the session variables not being passed.

      My logon code is built into the application.cfm

      we still have our older version of CF installed on another server, and the logon page displays fine. My application.cfm doesn't have errors.

      I read that others can use legacy application.cfm and I need to use mine. I don't know where to start to correct a 500 internal server error.

      Can someone help me with this? (please?)