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    Evil Dead: How Do I Stabilize?

    matt_frame Level 1

      I use After Effects CS5 for Mac (Version 10.0.458) and I am needing to add some stability to a 4 minute clip that is essentially an Evil Dead ripoff where we see the POV of the evil 'force' that is travelling through a wooded area, close to the ground. I shot this on a HV20, mounted on a mono-pod, and basically walked through the woods keeping the shot as steady as possible....still, it's not that steady. I am needing to speed this up by about 15X and without stabilizing it, it looks absolutely horrible, quite un-useable. I know how to use the stabilize function is CS5 but that is only when I have a single point to use as reference to stabilize all other movement. This footage is constantly moving and so I have absolutely not idea how stabilizing this would work. Any ideas? I have attached a quick reference vid to show you what I am working with. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!