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    Can't Port PSE9 Slideshow to PRE11


      I posted this earlier today in the Photoshop forum and a reply urged me to post it here instead.


      I currently have installed and successfully used PSE9 for a number of years. I recently purchased and installed PRE11 in order to do some video editing however I first created a slideshow in PSE9 with the intent to burn it to a DVD. The completed slideshow includes 140 still photos (all resized to 1000X750 maximum), transitions, text and music but no video) and when I tried to port it to my PRE11 using the "Edit with Premiere Elements" command, I received the following message "The feature you selected requires Adobe Premiere Elements" and then an option to download a 30-day trial. I did some research online and have read that different versions of PSE and PRE are not compatible and therefore I have the following four related questions.


      1. is it correct that my PSE9 will be unable to port to my PRE11? And, if that is not correct, then how do I get past the above error message in order to burn my completed PSE9 slideshow to a DVD via my PRE11? I do not want to convert the slideshow to a WMV to created a CD due to the lower quality.


      2. If it is correct that I cannot port between different versions of PSE and PRE then does anyone know of a program I can use to take my completed PSE9 slideshow out of PSE9 and burn a high quality DVD of the slideshow?


      3. If I have to upgrade my PSE9 to PSE11 in order to port my slideshow to PRE11 and thus burn a DVD of my slideshow, is there any way to move/copy/cut&paste my existing PSE9 slideshow to the new PSE11 or will I need to totally recreate it in the new PSE11?


      4. If I must purchase and install PSE11 in order to do the above, is there any guarentee that the new PSE11 will allow me to port the slideshow to my existing PRE11?


      Seems like an awful lot of work just to produce a slideshow DVD but I'm willing to do whatever it takes since I've already spent quite a few hours getting the PSE9 slideshow exactly the way I want it.


      My system is Windows 7 Home Premium, DualCore CPU, 64 bit operating system and 4 GB RAM.


      I'd be very grateful for any advice or suggestions.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is correct. You must have the same versions of Premiere Elements and the Elements Organizer in order for them to handshake.


          However, if you've got Premiere Elements 11, you also have the Elements Organizer 11 -- if you launch it from Premiere Elements. So you should be able to create your slideshow in it and port that over to Premiere Elements.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            You have run into the concept of "integrated" Photoshop Elements Premiere Elements. These are standalone program but when, they are on the same computer classed as integrated, they share the same Elements Organizer. The integrated sets would be:

            Photoshop Elements 6/Premiere Elements 4

            Photoshop Elements 7/Premiere Elements 7

            Photoshop Elements 8/Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1

            Photoshop Elements 9/Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1

            Photoshop Elements 10/Premiere Elements 10

            Photoshop Elements 11/Photoshop Elements 11

            There were some deviations in the above around version 10, but we will not go into that now.


            What to do if you have a Photoshop Elements 9 slideshow and Premiere Elements 11?

            Output your Photoshop Elements 9 Slideshow from the Slideshow Editor with the Output option "Save As a File Movie (wmv), but remember to set the DVD NTSC file size for the wmv


            Then make sure that you save the Slideshow project (can be re-edited if needed) and the .wmv (which cannot be re-edited in the Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor). Then from the computer hard drive save location for the wmv, import that wmv in into Premiere Elements 11 with a project preset of NTSC DV Standard.


            There is another possibility that I would need to work through. The concept of catalog conversion exists when you move from an earlier to a later version of the Elements Organizer. What might work is converting the Elements Organizer 9 catalog to Elements Organizer 11 and then, if the slideshow transfers in the conversion, right click its Slideshow Project thumbnail, and select the command Edit With Premiere Elements Editor.


            I have too many versions of Elements to try this right now. I would need some major computer reorganization to prove or disapprove this idea.


            Was your idea to work with NTSC DV Standard or NTSC DV Widescreen. If widescreen, I can give tell you where to find the NTSC DV Widescreen profile for use in the Fize Size field for your Save As File Movie wmv.


            Please review and then we can decide what next.





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I did not see your post until after I had posted mine.


              The idea of re-creating the slideshow in the Elements Organizer 11 followed by Edit With Premiere Elements Editor OR just creating the slideshow solely in the Premiere Elements workspace would seem the easy way to go.


              But MJK07 wants to salvage a pre-existing slideshow from Premiere Elements 9.


              In that regard, the Photoshop Elements 9 wmv slideshow (sized for DVD) and Premiere Elements 9 Get Media/Files and Folders) would be the classical approach to get the burn to disc done. But what about the idea of Elements Organizer 9 - Elements Organizer 11 conversion, hopefully with the slideshow traveling with this venture. Have you been there and tried that?


              I think it will work. What do you think?



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I think that the catalog conversion idea is going to work. Let us give this a try.


                Given that all you have is Photoshop Elements 9 Elements Organizer 9 and Premiere Elements 11 Elements Organizer 11.

                And in the Elements Organizer 9, you have your slideshow saved as a Slideshow Project thumbnail.

                Go to the Elements Organizer 9, File Menu/Manage Catalogs.

                In the Catalog Manager dialog that opens when you click on Manage Catalogs, note what is shows for the name of the

                current catalog. Close out of there.


                Open Premiere Elements new project and click on the Organizer tab at the bottom of the interface in order to open its

                Elements Organizer 11.

                In the Elements Organizer 11, go to the File Menu/Manage Catalogs.

                In the Catalog Manager dialog, click on "Convert".

                Look for and find the name of your Elements Organizer 9 catalog (the one that has your slideshow).

                When you follow that process to completion, you should have the Elements Organizer 9 catalog represented in Premiere Elements 11's Elements Organizer 11.


                Now double clicking the Slideshow Project thumbnail will open the slideshow for further edits in the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor.

                From the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor, you can output the slideshow to Premiere Elements with the Output option Edit with Premiere Elements Editor.


                I just tried it, and it worked.


                Please let us know if that worked for you.



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                  MJK07 Level 1



                  Hooray, Eureka, Fantastic and every other compliment I can pay you both. I've already told Steve in a muvipix forum that he is a genius and now am extending the same praise to ATR. I am so jealous of your knowledge and expertise. I will be raising a glass to toast you both tonight. I'm sure there are many others who face this same compatibility problem and I only hope they somehow find this thread (I'll be pasting ATR's instructions to my original thread in muvipix just to help anyone who seeks the answer there).


                  Just to recap, and maybe ask one final tiny little question:


                  I followed ATR's instructions with one intermediate step - when I opened the Catalog Manager dialong in PRE 11 after clicking on "Convert" as outlined above, the box only showed my existing PRE11 Catalog. However there was a check box below that offered the option to click for all previously converted catalogs. When I clicked on it, lo and behold, there was my PSE9 Catalog with my slideshow included. Had to stop for a minute to do a little victory dance.


                  Followed the rest of the instructions and once I got into "Edit with Premiere Elements" clicked on Output to File/Folders - following Steve's advice in his book.


                  Got the file folder with the VIDEO_ TS, inserted a blank DVD, clicked Burn DVD, and dragged the VIDEO_TS into the file box. The good news is that it actually burned a useable DVD. The bad news is that I'm pretty sure the file was converted to a WMV file before the burn - quality was not very good.


                  Went back to PRE11 and opened my slideshow that had been converted, cliked on Output to DVD hoping to get lucky and for once I did get lucky as it burned a disc directly. I played both discs on my DVD player and I think the second one is of better quailty - or maybe just wishful thinking. This brings me to my tiny little question. How do you know what type of file you've created. I did Google this and can't seem to find an answer. I clicked on Properties on both discs and the VIDEO_TS file but nothing tells me it's a WMV, ATI, or any other kind of file. Any ideas on how to identify what I've got?


                  Some of the final slideshow did not play as well as it did on my PSE9 editor but I think it's because I made some mistakes in the panning & zooming. Now that I know how to get a slideshow from PSE to PRE, I can go back to the original in PSE and make the corrections and then re-import to PRE to make a better DVD. Also, before I opened the slideshow in Edit with Premiere Elements I don't know if the Scale Still Photos to Frame Size was checked or unchecked and don't even know if that would make any difference.


                  Please understand that I'm not complaining, I got a usable DVD and I'm really grateful for that. I think I can now even go into PRE11 and do some editing on the slideshow (hope to add some video) but that's a project for another day, or week, or month.


                  The bottom line is that I'm delighted not to have to try to recreate everything in PRE and I was actually able to at least burn a useable DVD. I can't thank you enough.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Great to hear of your success, MJK!


                    I don't know any way of telling whether a DVD was output from a project made up of a WMV fie or output from a project made up of original photos (as the Edit with Premiere Elements option would produce). The final DVD files are, technically, the same. They're just .vob files at that point.


                    All that really matters is that you've got a useable DVD! Congrats!


                    Just think how much easier this will all be next time!

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                      MJK07 Level 1

                      Steve - Easier next time? From your lips to God's ear.


                      Many thanks



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Congratulations of your success. Wonderful news.


                        I do not know if you realized that bonus you have. In this instance, you can right click the "Premiere Elements 9 Slideshow" now in Elements Organizer 11, select Edit with Premiere Elements, get it to the Premiere Elements 11 workspace, right click the slideshow on the Expert workspace Timeline, and use the "Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow" command to do just that. That opens up a wealth of possibilities for further edits. If you are not pleased with the transfer of the Elements Organizer pans and zooms and how they traveled into Premiere Elements workspace, you can now put the pans and zooms in now with the Premiere Elements 11 Pan and Zoom Tool rather than during the Elements Organizer phase with its pan and zoom feature..


                        But, I am not clear why you apparently moved on to Publish+Share/Disc/DVD burn to folder instead of burn to disc. Are you having a problem with the burn to disc feature. I typically reserve burn to folder and the need for the 3rd party ImgBurn software for when there is an unresolved burn to disc issue.


                        The following is my understanding....The VIDEO_TS Folder that you get in the burn to folder process is the same VIDEO_TS Folder that you would have found when you explored the DVD-VIDEO on DVD that you created. The difference in this case is that the burn to disc process puts the VIDEO_TS on the DVD disc in the disc file system required; whereas, the VIDEO_TS Folder from burn to folder is in search of 3rd party software that can put it on a disc with the correct disc file system.


                        Now as to what was the origin of the VIDEO_TS Folder that you decided to go with...


                        Which one of the following that you did will tell us what you had on the Premiere Elements 11 Timeline....


                        1. If you right clicked the slideshow thumbnail in Elements Organizer 11 and selected Edit with Premiere Elements Editor, that puts the slideshow on the Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace Timeline as a .psess file (not .wmv). In support of that claim is the fact that the slideshow can be broken apart for futher edits with the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow command. If you then use Publish+Share/Disc/DVD with the burn to folder option, you got that slideshow into the VIDEO_TS Folder (folders and files for the DVD-VIDEO structure).


                        2. Now, if you had the slideshow opened in the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor and you used the Output option =  Save As A File Movie File (.wmv) and selected File Size for DVD, you created a .wmv slideshow. And, if you saved this .wmv slideshow to the Elements Organizer, right clicked its thumbnail there, and selected Edit with Premiere Elements Editor, you would have your slideshow in the Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace Timeline as a .wmv file. And, that is what would be converted to the VIDEO_TS Folder format.


                        Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on anything that I have written.


                        Details can be overwhelming at times, but are value tools to control our video creations.


                        Continued success. And, thank you for following up on the troubleshooting. Great job.


                        Best wishes.



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                          MJK07 Level 1



                          Thanks for the follow-up. And, now that I have my slideshow available in PRE11 I can hopefully tweek it using the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow command. As I'm sure is obvious to you, I'm a complete newbie at video editing and am very grateful for all your help.


                          Just to give you a boring overview of what I hope to accomplish - since I'll no doubt be posting many additional questions as I try to learn PRE11 - here's an overview:


                          I live in a small rural community with absolutly no video labs or even knowledgable video experts. Over the past 40 years I had taken family photos and VHS videos of my family and thought it would be a good idea to convert everything to DVD's for my children and grandchildren. Experimented unsuccessfully with conversion programs and finally sent out over 100 hours of VHS tapes to a custom conversion lab. They took four months to get the converted DVD's back to me along with discs of something they called "source files" which they claim I can simply copy to my hard drive as data files (not sure what these are or what I should use them for, but that is a question for another day). They also recommended PRE11 as the best program for me to do my video editing so I purchased it (along with Steve's outstanding book) with the intention of going through all my converted DVD's, segmenting out various clips and creating individual DVD's with still photos, video, music, transitions, text, and audio for each of my children. I had hoped to have everything completed by Christmas but now that I've started the project, I realize the learning curve is pretty steep so I'm moving my projected time frame back.


                          Thought I'd start out with something simple like a slideshow and in Steve's book he discussed the more intuitive PSE slideshow option that could be imported to PRE to burn a DVD. Sounded pretty straightforward to me so I gathered all the photos I wanted to use in my slideshow and polished them up in my PSE9 in preparation for placing them into my PSE slideshow. I then learned through muvipix that they needed to be downrezzed. Took all my vertical photos and resized them to 1000 X 750 and my horizontals to 1000 X 563 - wanted all photos to view edge to edge on a widescreen TV. These sizes were recommended to allow some room for pan & zoom in PSE. Next converted all my audio to WAV as recommended in Steve's book and began to created my slideshow in PSE9. I wanted everything to coordinate with my audio so I set all photos to 7 second durations and all transitions to 5 seconds. I wanted simple fade in to black and fade out to black transitions but could not do it correctly so I added blank slides (full black) between each photo and that worked perfectly as each slide now fades in and out of the black slides. Added the pans & zooms I wanted (may have made some mistakes here as some of my zoom ending points are beyond the border of the photos) and everything played back perfectly in the PSE9 edit playback screen. Everything looked great so I figured I'd just import to my PRE11 and burn a perfect DVD. And of course that brought me to this forum where you and Steve came up with a solution. I still don't understand why the slideshow plays perfectly in the PSE edit playback panel yet I have black borders around some of my photos when I view the finished DVD.


                          The good news is that I was able to burn a usable DVD and now can experiment in PRE11 to try to get rid of the black borders (perhaps using the PRE11 pan & zoom tool) and to add some video to the existing slideshow although I'm worried about presets, fade in and out to black transitions for the video portions, deleting some slides to make room for the video portions as I want the audio portion to end at exactly the end of the project, and probably lots of other things I don't even realize yet. I think I've read somewhere that slide and transition durations are limited in PRE11 so I may have to go back to my PSE9 to make all my corrections and then port the corrected version into PRE11 again using your solution. It seems to be a trail and error system but blank DVD's are not expensive so I'll just muddle my way through. I'll continue to rely on Steve's book and will puruse all the treads here and in muvipix but forgive me if I need to ask many additional questions.


                          Now to answer your burn to disc or burn to folder question. In Chapter 20 of Steve's book, he recommends burning to a folder to increase the odds of burn success. I did this and then burned the VIDEO_TS using Windows Media Player which is why I think it converted my slideshow to a WMV file prior to the actual burning. Steve's book also says that WMV files are of lower quality so I wanted to try a direct burn from PRE11. I did that successfully and played both DVD's to see if there was an increase in quality - I think the second version burned directly from PRE11 is slightly better.


                          Sorry to bore you with all this but you should know that it's a bit overwhelming for newbies just getting started and I for one am very appreciative of your help.



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for the interesting background on the creation of your video projects.


                            Sounds like progress. But I am a little concerned about your black border situation. So, first I need to ask "Are these the black borders around the portrait oriented photos or are you seeing black borders even for the landscape oriented photos?


                            In context with my question, have you had a chance to work with your slideshow with the "Edit with Premiere Elements Editor" command to get it into Premiere Elements? Or, are these black borders part of the workflow that might be creating the .wmv slideshow that is subsequently brought into Premiere Elements? If this does revolve around the .wmv slideshow, what are you putting in the Slide Size field?


                            With the above details, we can fine tune your workflow (including project presets and export presets) so that you get the wanted result without black borders, at least for the landscape oriented ones. One way to deal with the portrait oriented black border situation is to place the photo on Video 2 and place a nice background on Video 1 directly below so that that background will show in the areas of the black borders. Those background can have text or just a colorful scene or solid color.


                            More later.


                            Keep up the good work.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              I still don't understand why the slideshow plays perfectly in the PSE edit playback panel yet I have black borders around some of my photos when I view the finished DVD.

                              As ATR asked, are these perhaps portrait, or vertical Images?


                              If your Project is set to DV, and your Images are scaled to that, or slightly above, the landscape, or horizontal Images should not show black around them.


                              If you are dealing with some portrait orientation images, perhaps creating an abstract background, to go behind them, will help.


                              Good luck,



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                The details of your steps will give us the answer to what needs to be done. If it is just portrait oriented ones with the black border that is easily understood. If it is the landscape oriented ones presenting with black borders, that is another matter which may be influenced by your choice of Elements Organizer Slideshow Editor Output option. I did not want to get into this now, but I will post it for your future reference if needed.


                                If you are using the Elements Organizer Slideshow Editor Output option of Sava As A File Movie File WMV, you should be setting a wmv profile for the slideshow in the Slide Size field. Easy enough if you are heading for DVD-VIDEO Standard 4:3. There is no obvious DVD-VIDEO Widescreen 16:9 in that lineup. Now here is the tip for further reference.


                                If you are heading to DVD-VIDEO Widescreen 16:9 for the outputted wmv slideshow, then

                                a. Go to the Slide Size field and scroll down to the bottom of the lineup to where it say "Browse for More".

                                b. Then navigate to the wmv profile named "04 Widescreen Standard Definition NTSC". For Windows 7 or 8 64 bit, you will find it in the following path:

                                Local Disc C

                                Program Files (x86)


                                Elements 11 Organizer





                                and in the tv_profiles Folder should be a choice of alternative wmv profiles including "04 Widescreen Standard Definition NTSC". There is even one there for 720p, non for 1080i or 1080p. Do not get distracted by those HD ones until you work out the DVD details. Be sure to be working with Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives active so that you can see the above path.


                                Other contributing factors may involve project presets and such. But we will work through those details, if necessary, when you define the path that you are traveling to get to your end product.


                                If you have not already, I think you should be looking at the Elements Organizer Slideshow Editor Output option of Edit with Premiere Elements. The sooner the better. But you are progressing nicely so one thing at a time.


                                Continued success.




                                Add On...As I mentioned or implied in my prior post, background for the portrait photos can be created in your own personal style to enhance the warmth to be conveyed by the photo.

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                                  MJK07 Level 1

                                  Guys - as always, thanks so much for your valuable input.


                                  I've spent some time reviewing my slideshow in both it's original form in PSE, the imported version in PRE11, and the burned DVD and I'm now pretty sure I made a stupid beginner's mistake in the PSE9 pan and zoom. For starters, I have no problem with any of the verticals (portraits) as I understood that there would naturally be black borders on the sides of each of these.


                                  As for the horizontal slides, when I set the pan and zoom green "Start" thumbnail (in PSE9) within the image and then the red "End" thumbnail outside the actual image (to zoom out from the image) and vice versa starting with the "Start" thumbnail outside the image and "End" thumbnail inside the image (to zoom into the image) I had assumed that the zoom would stop at the end of the image and not continue beyond it. This of course did not happen and I ended up with the zoom going beyond the actual image and thus I have borders around the horizontal photos. This also happens when I panned across an image from say right to left which leaves me with black borders on the top and left sides.


                                  If I'm correct about the above, then I think I can correct it by resetting my pan and zooms to start and end within the image edges. God, I hope that's correct as I think I can actually fix it. Worst case, I can go back to my original slideshow in PSE9 and redo the pans and zooms as outlined above, re-import the corrected Slideshow to PRE11, and then burn a new DVD. I'm going to try to learn how to use the pan and zoom tool in PRE11 first to see if I can fix everything there using the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow option before I resort to re-importing from PSE9. Wish me luck.


                                  I have not been using the Elements Organizer Output option of saving as a file movie WMV since I understood this would produce a lower quality DVD. Instead, I opened the file via Edit with Premiere Elements and from there selected burn to DVD - and was lucky enough that it went through the burn process without any problems.


                                  You do raise an interesting point concerning HD and widescreen output. If it was a perfect world, I'd love to be able to burn a DVD that was scaled/optimized/prepped/organized - or whatever is the correct term - to be viewed on a HD widescreen TV. That may be beyond my limited talents so for now I just want to create and produce a DVD slideshow without the black borders and at the highest quality level I can.


                                  Once I accomplish that, I'll move on to adding video to the project and perhaps some addditional effects etc.


                                  Once again, thanks for all your help and insights.



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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    I think that I have figured out the origin of your black borders in your landscape oriented stills in your slideshow when it appears in Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace Timeline.


                                    And, I do not believe it has anything to do with your pan & zoom techniques in the Elements Organizer Slideshow Editor and has everything to do with the Premiere Elements 11 automatic setting of the project preset. To prove or disprove my thoughts on this, please consider:


                                    Assuming that you are heading for DVD-VIDEO standard on DVD disc in the Premiere Elements 11 burn to DVD


                                    1. Open Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace.

                                    2. Go immediately to File Menu/New/Project and, under Change Settings, set for NTSC DV Standard. And, be sure to have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on this Project" before you exit the new project dialog.

                                    3. Then in that Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace, go to Add Media/Elements Organizer to open the Elements Organizer where your slideshow exists.

                                    4. Right click the thumbnail for your Slide Show Project in Elements Organizer 11, select Edit with Premiere Elements Editor.


                                    You should not be seeing the gross black borders that I believed you encountered. I suspect that your problem centered around Premiere Elements 11 giving you its default project preset 1080i (1920 x 1080 16:9) when you need NTSC DV Standard (720 x 480).


                                    Please let us know the outcome.





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                                      MJK07 Level 1



                                      Sorry to be so slow to respond but I had to just walk away from this project for a little while. Very frustrating. So many variables and so little knowledge on my part. In any event, I tried your suggestion above and yes, many of the black borders were removed but I still have some thin black borders around some of the horizontal photos.


                                      Since I do have a usable DVD of my slideshow (not perfect, but certainly usable), I think your post of Sept. 4th makes the most sense - essentially starting the whole project over in PRE11. And, that's what I'm going to try to do since I want to add video clips to the slideshow anyway - inserted between various still photos.


                                      From a workflow perspective, I'm going to make sure all my vertical photos are sized 1000 X 750 and my horizontals 1000 X 653 before I bring them into PRE11. I understand that the verticals will of course have black borders on each side but am hoping the horizontals will fit edge to edge - these will all be viewed on a HD widescreen TV. On the horizontals, I'm hoping that as they appear on screen they will show edge to edge and then when I zoom into the photo all will be okay. My concern is that when I have a horizontal photo appear and I zoom out from a center point in the photo, it will end with the photo still showing edge to edge with no black border.


                                      And finally, since pretty much everyone these days has a widescreen HD TV, I am hoping to produce this project in whatever format will give me the best output for widescreen HD TV's. That brings up the PRE11 project preset issue. What preset should I use and should the preset be changed before I bring in any photos or at the outset when I select New Project?


                                      I'm sure I'll have lots of problems bringing in the video clips correctly but I'll try to deal with those problems on a case by case basis as I progress. I realize that I need to spend much more study time with Steve's book before I can hope to have a quality finished project.


                                      So . . . thanks again for all your help (I've printed out this entire thread for future reference) and I'll keep you posted on how things go.