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    Please Tell Me Adobe Isn't Discontinuing Encore

    S Kendall Level 1

      So, I had to reinstall my OS today after a hard drive failure and while installing the new CC versions of Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, etc, I noticed that Encore didn't install.  After searching through the forums I find out that if you want to use Encore, you have to use the CS6 version of it and it was a little convoluted on how to get it to install.


      I finally did manage to download and install Premiere Pro CS6 which comes with Encore CS6.  But, this is going to be an issue for many people.  Even the Adobe technical support represenative I spoke to on the phone had no idea how to help me install Encore, so he eventually sent me over to another department after putting me on hold for 10 minutes.


      Please, please, please, at the very least, keep the CS6 version of the software available to CC users for the next few years!  I still deliver the vast majority of my content on disc and probably will until an all-digital set-top player becomes available to consumers.