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    Premiere crashes every time I try to copy a Sequence that contains a nested sequence


      I'm working a project that has a lot of multicam sequences in it and I'm having a problem with Premiere crashing. I want to be able to iterate my sequences for versioning as I go through and make changes requested by my client for final approval but don't want to get rid of the old versions in case I need to go back for something later. I use the as a general practice because I've learned the hard way that it's much easier to save everything and need it rather than start making changes that I might want to get back later


      Most of the items don't have any issues; footage, gfx .movs, stills, etc. all copy and paste fine as do my 'source' sequences which have 3 video tracks (cam 1, cam 2, and a gfx track). I am then dragging those sequences into a new sequence and 'Enabling Multicam' on that clip so I can use the multicam function of the Program monitor (a great feature I might add). However, I am now going back and making changes and want to create new iterations of my 'Multicam Sequences' and when I go to Copy them Premiere crashes. I also tried right-clicking and selecting 'Duplicate' but this also causes a crash. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? I think I'll need go ahead and submit a bug report because I really can't think of why this should be the case.


      The only workaround I have thought of is to create new sequences and drag the contents of each of my old timelines into new, revisable sequences while still retaining my old originals.


      I'm on a PC with Windows 7 Professional and have all the updates for the newest version of Premiere CC