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    No More Customer Support Means Lost Customers.


      I and many more like me throughout the planet, have been using "Linux" for many MANY years and will continue to do so.

      So, just WHY in the world would you decide to Stop Support above Flash version 11.2 ???

      Do you think that will force us to STOP using "Linux"? Well guess what,...

      IT WON"T

      We will simply STOP USING ALL "Adobe Products" and create  NEW alternatives.

      You might be able to handle lost sales from a few of YOUR "Linux" users but, so will all your customers, who have World Wide customers,.. who are also using "Linux"

      So, I guess that would mean a lot more LOST revenue for "Adobe" than you may have originally thought but, hey,...

      You can afford it, RIGHT?

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          pwillener Level 8

          There are very few, if any, commercial Adobe products for Linux/Unix, so there is really no lost revenue for Adobe if Linux/Unix users stop buying products that do not exist in the first place.

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            Mike M Level 6

            I have to agree with Pat. What I've been told (from people who know these things) is that Adobe freeware use with Linux is about 3.2% of ALL downloads. For PAID software, it's less than half of 1% of ALL customers, and even that requires an emulator.  There are some pretty sharp cookies working on Ubuntu development; Mint too... I'm really surprised no one there has come up with an open source alternative yet.

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              Maximillion_C Level 1

              Hi Pat and C.F.,


              Thanks for your response. Maybe I did not make myself clear. If so, my apologies.


              It is the millions upon millions of  Linux "End USERS" (the ones who access the websites), that will cause the lost revenue over this.


              They are very happy with there Operating System and will not join the Windows Clan, no matter what.


              Here is Just One Example:

              Cash Based Online Gaming Companies Will LOSE Revenue


              Millions of Gamers who use Linux and has for many years because it works better for them than Windows when playing their online games.


              As several have said, "If I have to CHANGE my Operating System just to play your games, then I guess I just won't be playing your games.", or comments somewhat similar.


              I find it rediculous to think that a Company would even expect there client base (in this case, the Players) to do that in the first place, just to access and use "their" Website.


              Those companies will have to decide if it is really worth it to continue using Adobe products as they watch their player base get smaller and smaller.


              As we all know, water flows downhill.

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                Mike M Level 6

                Valid point except for ONE THING.

                Adobe DOESN'T run Facebook, or EA, or Aspyr or any gaming site, let alone NetFlix or YouTube. I use Linux myself. SuSE, Mint and Ubuntu. Mostly it's to keep my UNIX command skills up, because I keep my Mac as my workhorse and I can't chance "pooching" my whole system if I screw something up in "Terminal". If there was a LOT more software available for Linux, I'd use SuSE in place of OS X. But I have a LOT of web design and production work that I NEED software for, that simply ISN'T available for Linux. So I enjoy it when I get to learn and "play" in it, but I have to do my work in the real world.

                FWIW I don't use ANY computer I have for gaming, so I really can't say that I can empathize with anyone who does. It must be pretty tough on a Linux box; I don't see too many games for it. You do have my sympathies, even if I can't relate.
                Since the revenue lost WON'T be Adobe's however, I seriously doubt your argument would have any effect on their policies. As I stated previously, there are some really sharp people around the world developing for Linux, and it surprises me a lot that no one has come up with a Flash alternative yet. GIMP, Firefox, Filezilla, Apache, OpenOffice... ALL get their Linux builds from Open Source developers working on one or more of the Linux projects, although I suspect Mozilla has their own Linux DEV people "in house" so to speak.

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Maximillion_C wrote:

                  Cash Based Online Gaming Companies Will LOSE Revenue

                  I see what you mean.  However, it is these companies that decide to exclude end users that do not have the latest Flash Player version installed.  I doubt that they update their games each time a new Flash Player version is released, yet they put a test in place that requires their users to update Flash Player.