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    PS path/tool cursors not refreshing


      Hi everyone


      I'm using PS version 12.1x32 (CS 5.1 Extended) and recently i've been getting some erratic behaviour when creating clipping paths/using other tools.


      For some reason, as I'm creating a clipping path, the results of my work aren't showing up unless I either change my view setting or changing my zoom level (which leads me to think it's a refresh problem). Even when I'm done with the clipping path and I move it around, it still doesn't update, only showing the last position (see screen grab below). Has anyone come across this behaviour before and is there a solution? Also, when using other tools, such as rectangular marquee (but not limited to it), my cursor dissappears whenever i'm using the tool. It's a bit annoying to be honest...




      (note position of path outline in preview window vs actual position in path panel thumbnail).