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    Textfield Height Limit?

    TJ Gillis
      I am working a project that require me to pull large amounts of text onto stage and make it scrollable. So I have, but I have encountered a problem in 3 different files that when the textfield's height is more than about 1400, 1500 pixels it starts to cut off text.

      I checked to see if it's a character limit and it's not that. I've made the scroller myself but I can't see how that is causing the problem. It works for all my other fields.

      Is there a bug within flash, or maybe CS3? I'm working in AS2 in CS3.

      Any help or insight on this problem would be much appreciated.
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          niki tsanov Level 1
          Why just not use Multiline and set the text height to how you want after that use the UIScrollbar is perfect for textfields just u must attach the textfield into uiscorllbar component
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            TJ Gillis Level 1
            I'm not using the UIScroller because it doesn't match the rest of the site's design.

            The text field is set to multiline and a few have set heights and an other is being called in through XML, so it's setting it's now height.
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              clbeech Level 3
              You may be running into the block memory limit here, I believe it's something like 32k, not certain. One suggestion would be to break the text into two sections and have a 'read more' or 'next page' link at the bottom and load the next section into the field. just a thought :)
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                TJ Gillis Level 1
                I broke the field into two parts, and it worked, but I don't really understand why it worked. If I make the textfield wider so that it's height is less then 1400 pixels, it won't cut it off. I didn't change the amount of text or anything. But it works.

                I would just like to understand this problem some more to help me avoid it in the future and why the height and width of the textfield is affecting text display.