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    Editing Multiple Text layers in Photoshop CC

    Eugene Reisch



      I have a problem when tyring ot edit multiple text layers and it's really a big problem as it crops up with virtually every design I do (websites, games apps...)


      In previous versions of PS, you could select multiple text layers and edit them in bulk, so for exmaple, select a number of text layers, then change their font size (to say 20pt)... done.


      However, with CC, there seems to be some odd 'ratio' editing goign on - if  I select multiple text layers of different size and edit them (to all be 20pt, for example), it seems to just 'add' 20pt to what ever font size the individual layers were


      It's a real issue/pain for me (and I suspect many others)


      Please is there a fix or a way to switch off this 'feature'?


      So to clarrify, I want to edit multiple (often different) text layers in one go to be the same font size... like I used to be able to.