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    Extracting an image from its background

    broomeGirl Level 1

      Hi I have the attached image from which I am trying to produce a logo, eventually exporting it to illustrator.  I have retaken the photo of the charcoal drawing so it is placed on the same paper it was drawn on and have managed to get a reasonable amount of space on the right hand edge but the left hand edge is proving beyond me.  As there are so many greys and light greys, it is proving impossible to get a good selection.  When I place the logo in my wordpress site it looks awful on the right hand edge.

      Please see second screenshot to see what I am trying to explain.


      I tried doing a live trace in illustrator which was also a dismal failure sigh!






      Appreciate any suggestions thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You probably simply need to hang in there much longer. Sorry to say so, but sounds like you are expecting simple shortcuts and "Which button must I push?" solutions. Live Trace will work just fine, but naturalyl you will need to spend some time with it and still have to spend a lot of time cleaning things up manually afterwards. Likewise, in PS you will have to spend some time and work your way through the selection tools and manual cleanup by painting on the resulting mask/ channel... Not sure what else to tell you. Some things simply are just hard manual labor even in this day and age...



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            broomeGirl Level 1

            Well I have some sort of success, I used the clone tool on the left and bottom edges and the healing brush and hopefully it will look better than it did, a work in progress sigh! and client was wingeing about cost of logo, if only they knew!