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    How to test and configure custom extensions in Flash Pro CC?




      How do you install custom CS extensions in Flash Pro CC for testing and debugging before they have been signed and packaged?


      We have a custom extension for Flash Pro developed in-house using the CS SDK that we've been using with flash pro CS5 and CS6 but we're having trouble getting it to work in CC and I'd like to run it locally in test/debug mode.


      With flash pro CS6 and CS5 it was possible to test extensions by copying the output folder from flash builder into the CS Service Manager root folder (e.g. /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager) and setting PlayerDebugMode to 1 in the CSXS preferences.


      I've added the PlayerDebugMode=1 flag to com.adobe.CSXS.4.plist however, I can't find the equivalent service manager folder for Flash Pro CC to copy the extension into.


      Is there a different folder to use for CC or is the process for testing extensions completely different? (are extensions written in the CS SDK even compatible with CC?)


      I'm running Mac OS Lion.