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    how to change the amount of the eclipse_whtdata file


      We have a Robohelp 9 project (created with RoboHelp HTML and FrameMaker 10 in TCS 3.5).

      We need to generate Eclipse help for multiple languages.


      The project generates multiple eclipse_whtdata files, 8 for English for instance.


      Our problem is, in the generated eclipse helps for other languages, the amount of the eclipse_whtdata file varied from 5(Chinese) to 10(French).


      One thing I can sure, is the amount of the topics in different languages are all the same. It seems Robohelp automatically split the contents into sevral eclipse_whtdata files in generated helps. But we need to make the amount of the eclipse_whtdata file in target languages somehow the same with in English help. 


      Thank you for any help or pointers you can provide.