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    Can I normalize a group of photos?

    EdFBeck Level 1

      One of my gigs is as a school photographer.  When looking at all the photos as a group there are slight variations in the levels and tones.  My way of dealing with this is to go through them in LR one by one and make adjustments to make them all look like they have the same tone and levels.  I typically do this with the the highlights, shadows and sometimes the exposure sliders.


      Is there a way that I can define what I want an image to look like in terms of it's "brightness" and then automate a process that will make all the photos in a group look the same?


      I can use either Lightroom or Photosho CS to accomplish this.  I have a Creative Cloud subscription if there's any other tool or application that will help me.


      BTW - I've looked for somethng like this online for a while and thee seems to be a lot of interest in it. Any chance of this becoming a feature?




      Ed Beck